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Create A Business You Love.


Supercharge your results by selling high end packages and services in your business, a non-negotiable for those who want to get to the next level of success.


Actionable strategies that will ignite the fire within.



If you’re looking to grow slowly and need a babysitter to hold your hand, I’m not the best fit for you as we will DISRUPT the norm and RIP UP your entire thinking around limitless living in business, life and finances.


It’s time leverage possibility, take action, show up and DO THE WORK!

It’s time to WAKE UP and realise that you already have everything you need to do this!

It’s time to OWN IT and start selling high end.


Why? Because the actual definition of selling is “the exchange of money for a product or service.”


In other words, without selling your business is B-R-O-K-E, and so is everything you desire.



Relentless Mission

It’s my mission to live in a world where people get paid their worth and have the opportunity to live without limits so that they can do what they love, every single day.


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Check out what some of my past clients have to say …

Read What Sarah Has To say

My results have literally sky rocketed since working with Jane. What has really made all the difference in my recent success is that Jane knows how to get the best out of me as genuinely cares and has gone ABOVE & BEYOND to ensure I get the results I desire.

Within the first month of working together, I successfully launched my first high ticket offer and she supported, encouraged, empowered and inspired me to create more profit in one month than I had in my whole time in business.

Having Jane in my corner is the best investment I have ever made in myself. SO grateful!

Sarah Stone

Founder Creative Feng Shui ®

Read What Katie Has To Say

Working with Jane has been a total game changer for my life and business. 

She is absolutely brilliant when it comes to all things sales, marketing, packages, you name it! You will find yourself doing a lot of nodding throughout your conversations as everything she says not only makes an incredible amount of sense but it’s so simple!

You’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it before. She truly understands the important intertwining of life and business, that they must work together in order to find success.

Jane is incredibly insightful and knowledgeable, but also genuine and she’ll be your biggest cheerleader! I’ve never met anyone like her and if you know me you’ll most certainly have heard me talk about her before. 

Katie Kahvo

Life Coach For Moms

There’s 3 very important things you should know about how I work

Number 1, I turn down more requests to work with me privately than I accept. Just because you want to work with me doesn’t mean I’m going to say yes and if you’re ready this rolling your eyes or thinking “who does she think she is, turning down people who want to work with her” then guess what…yea we’re not a fit! 


Number 2, I don’t offer cookie cutter strategies or approaches. Everything is custom made to the individual client and that’s even when working in a group setting, why? Simple…it’s bullshit to say that a one size fits all strategy really works, if we believe that a cookie cutter one size fits all strategy is the right approach then what we’re saying is everyone in the world is the same, but that simply isn’t the case and even in your own niche it won’t be the case either. 

Number 3, I don’t see the world like everyone else does and I don’t place limits on my clients. I mean hey I don’t limit myself or my business so why would I limit my clients. If you come to me and say I’d love to offer a 50k package I’ll help you make that happen, where you see obstacles I see exciting opportunities, where you see big numbers I see easy targets. Whether you’re looking to sell 10k, 50k, 100k or even a 7 figure offer…I’ve got you covered not only with my tried and tested strategies but also with my uniqueness and my brain which is completely priceless!


“Yes You Can” is THE podcast you’ve been waiting to land in your ears, host Jane Baker takes everything you think you currently know or believe about sales, business or even life and turns it all on it’s head. Each episode is full of golden nuggets and Jane bombs designed to get you out of your own way and on your way to the success, sales and life you don’t just desire but absolutely deserve!


She Lives Limitlessly is my international best selling book. Perfectly written for service based business owners and coaches, helping them discover how to leverage high ticket selling so that they can supercharge their sales and unlock their limitless life.

This book WILL rip up your entire thinking of the online busienss world!


Supercharged RESULTS




Time Freedom


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Jane Baker

Jane Baker

The Number 1 Business, Sales & Life Disruptor

Jane Baker is an award winning entrepreneur, multiple #1 best selling author,  phillanthropist, multiple business owner, investor, high ticket sales expert, speaker and media personality.


Online Course

About Me


I love sales, I love making money but if that’s all your interested in I’m not for you!


What’s the point of sales, of having money if you’re not actually able to live?

What’s the point in having a successful business if you’re not even enjoying how you’re working?

Here we’re not just about making money or having you stuck in a business that fits everyone else but not you, here we’re about YOU! Living your best life, living a limitless life that is perfect for you in every single area of your life.



Here’s the thing about sales, whatever the amount you desire right now, whatever amount you might be sitting there thinking “that seems impossible or out of reach out right now” is actually totally within your reach!

We’re talking making real money, with real sales, with high ticket leads paying in full every single day and it’ll feel SO easy you’ll think you’re cheating!

I work with clients to create offerings from 10k right up to 7 figures (yes 7 fucking figures!)

No upper limit, no chasing the sale, just money and sales at every level flowing to you as easy as breathing.







Aligned To And With You!

The money you desire already exists in the world, the sales you desire are already there. The question is always “are you brave enough to actually show up for it yet?”

She took the “rules” and she ripped them up, blazing her own path to her own version of success and unlocking her limitless life every step along the way!


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