Is this one of those get rich quick type of posts? No

I mean we all know they don’t actually exist, and I can’t wave my magic want and make it rain money (as cool as that would be) but I have the closest thing to it.

In 2019 a client of mine who will remain nameless for privacy purposes made a total of 30k in sales for the whole of 2019, to date in 2020 she’s made over 130k in sales, that’s quite an increase by anyones standards!

But how did she do it?

Because she’s also worked less, happier, spent more time with her family, so no she didn’t clone herself or work into the ground to make this happen either. She actually leveraged high ticket selling!

In 2019 she was mainly selling hourly sessions or smaller 6 week packages (she’s in the virtual assistant field), she found almost every sale was hard work and all people wanted was the cheapest.

In 2020 she’s found the complete opposite to be the case, instead of struggling to get anyone to buy she’s found people queuing up to work with her, instead of feeling like every sale was hard work and pulling teeth she’s had them say yes and bought her highest package without a single objection and she made this change in just a few simple steps which I’m about to share with you.

  1. She niched down

No longer a virtual assistant that served every online business owner, she was a virtual assistant that specifically focused on serving a niche market with a specific outcome. No more blending into the background and fighting with all the other virtual assistants out there. This enabled her to position herself as a specialist and be seen.

2. She got rid of all hourly sessions and lower packages

No more one off hourly sessions, no more charging per hour and no more standard 6 week packages. Instead we created 2 higher ticket offers. One at 10k and one at 6k. These packages weren’t just positioned in a GOLD & PLATINUM type way these packages were specifically focused towards the destination/want/outcome/need her ideal clients in her niche had. The outcomes and focus of the packages were clear, she was now selling the destination and not the aeroplane itself.

3. Drafted a simple 5 step strategy to get clients

Her previous strategy consistent of fighting for clients among the noise in Facebook groups and social media, it can work really well but for her she found it draining. So we identified all of the places her ideal clients hang out, all of the places they go for information, for advice, for fun and designed a plan on how to get in front of them exactly where they are. Combined it with activities that enabled the right people to see her, find her and content that connected. Tied it all together with a sales process and system that meant people wanted to say yes and buy before they even had a conversation with her.

And that was essentially it, 3 core steps that enabled her to go from 30k in 2019 to over 130k in sales in 2020 and we’re just over half way through the year.

High ticket selling isn’t a get rich quick scheme but it can help you supercharge your sales whilst freeing up valuable time in your business and life. Join the FREE: Sell 5 High Ticket Packages In Under 30 Days Even With A Small Audience, click here