I can’t sell even though I sell 7+ figures with my eyes closed! 

Here’s the thing with selling, it’s not what we’ve been conditioned to believe it is. I can remember growing up I’d hear people discussing “natural born sellers” and then when I first entered the working world and tried to sell I was so afraid of it and ultimately didn’t end up selling a single thing. I left there after less than 8 weeks and I was more sure than ever that I wasn’t a natural seller.

When I started my first business I threw out the rule book with selling and I just decided to embrace what felt right for me and guess what I SOLD, in fact over the past decade I’ve outsold some of the biggest names in the sales expert industry.

But I’ll still say I can’t sell….because I can’t sell how people traditionally see selling and if I was put back into the call centre box I’d likely still not sell a single thing.

My mission is about helping everyone embrace their own unique selling super power whilst also leveraging high ticket selling as a powerful tool to unlock the freedom they desire in their life.

Financial freedom
Time freedom
Creative freedom
And doing it all without feeling as if they’re having to sell their soul and sell in a way that doesn’t light them up.

Welcome to Effortless Selling!




 I’ve always known I was different, I see the world different, my brain operates in a different way, it’s actually how I ended up leaving school at 16 without a single qualification. Yep I was one of those high school dropouts but not because I wasn’t capable, because years previously I decided I was going to take control of my chaotic home life, my chaotic childhood and stick it to my parents, specifically my father, he’s an alcoholic and we had a troubled relationship to say the least. 

So I failed every exam on purpose, dropped out of all of the top classes and embarked on a wild ride for a number of years. 

Leaving school at 16 without a single qualification meant I was written off, I had no plan, no clue what I was going to do with my life and at that moment in time I didn’t even care!

At 17 (just before my 18th) I fell pregnant, queue the eye rolls right. Now I was a high school dropout with no job, no qualifications, no plan and I was pregnant. Sadly at 32 weeks she was stillborn. But that’s where my story really begins. 

Because that’s the moment I decided to take control of my brilliance and make it work for me instead of using it to shout at the world and my parents!

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When I met Jane I was selling t-shirts for £15. Two months ago I sold my first £10k package!! I came across Jane online years ago and began following her.

Her posts were always full of insights and advice that really had a profound effect on me. Many times her posts were the only things that encouraged me to dig deep and keep going. And this was before I worked with her.

Jane is simply an amazing coach. She cleverly works some ninja mind tricks on you….so you’re in the right mindset to start making some powerful shifts in your marketing and selling She is a smart, straight-talker who knows sales inside out. She’ll guide you on your journey but she does it in a way that leaves you feeling empowered, in control and on fire!

If you’re ready to up you game… hire Jane while she still has bandwidth to take on new clients. This woman is on a one way rocket ship to the top!

Anna Fairs

Step Into Success Strategist

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Jane is the real deal. Due to her extensive experience of running here own businesses, having coached hundreds of businessowners to success, her kindness as well as her tireless, optimistic, down to earth, kick butt, take action approach is the key to building a business and life that fits you like a glove and makes money with ease. There were many moments where I wanted to give it all up, but she never stopped believing in me and that is what kept me going.

Within 2 months after I launched my 2nd business, we already hit 6 figures. I could not have done with without her. Everyone who wants to go big and live limitlessly needs Jane in her corner!

Nadine DeZoeten

Sleep Consultant








After my daughter was stillborn I decided it was time to re-light that fire and burn bright in the world.

I always knew I was destined for me, I always knew I was different and I was done dimming myself down just so I could continue being angry at the world.

By the time I was 19 I started my first business, I woke up one morning and decided to start a business. A few hours later I had a business, a basic website and I was ready to go.

By 21 with 2 little ones 11 months apart at home, I’d grown a wildly successful worldwide company working with some of the largest organisations and corporations in the world. Little old me had done it, I had made it happen!

But I was actually really unhappy, I had no time freedom, successful on the outside I felt anything but successful on the inside.

I realised I had chased societys version of success, I realised that whilst I had stopped being mad at the world I had continued to need to prove them all wrong, the success I had built wasn’t for me, it wasn’t even what I wanted.

So I burnt it to the ground and started again, this time with my success measures firmly in my view. I was going to do it my way, for my dreams and FOR ME!

And that’s where you’ll find me today, 32, living my best life every single day with the most amazing success, all built on my own terms having blazed my own path and way with business and selling.

I am a High Ticket Sales Expert, I specialise in helping business owners and persons of influence leverage the high ticket market and unlock their own unique selling superpower so they can supercharge their sales, unlock time freedom and live a limitless life. I do this through my DISRUPT system in private client work, group work, live events and more.

I’ve helped clients go from 0 to 100k in under 6 months, add over 100k to their business with just one offer, add just over 1 million to their business with 2 high ticket offers and much more.

I am also an international best selling author of She Lives Limitlessly & She Sells Effortlessly, CEO of  a luxury selling brokerage, philanthropist with my own foundation The Baker Wilkins Family Foundation.

I’m a self confessed travel holic, who before the C word would holiday with my family every 3-4 weeks. We also relocated from rainy Wales, UK to live island life in the Canary Islands.






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