“Sold a high

ticket package

just from this book”

Jane Baker Two Times Best Selling Author 

She Lives Limitlessly

How To Supercharge your results by selling high end as a service based business owner or coach

She Sells Effortlessly

Uncover & harness your own unique selling superpowers to make high ticket sales effortlessly

Available in ebook, paperback & hardback!

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Sold a high ticket package just from this book!

“I read this book in three days and five days after implementing the teachings inside this book. I sold a multi 4 figure package that I was struggling to sell before reading it!

 Jenny Hale

Simple and practical to implement!

“I loved this book. It’s full of great information that is simple and practical to implement right away. You will feel so much more confident in your ability to make sales after reading this book. It will definitely give you a new appreciation and perspective on high end selling, and the exact steps to make it happen”

Katie Kahvo

Fantastic advice in this book!

“I loved this book; I have always been concerned about high end sales and knowing where to pitch and how to value our products. Imposter syndrome always creeps in – some fantastic advice in this book a great find!”

Amazon Buyer

‘Opened up my mind to viewing sales in a totally new way!

‘She sells Effortlessly’ has opened up my mind to viewing sales in a totally new way! I wish I’d known this when I worked on commission in a call centre!

Everyone in business should read this book. Why are we afraid to sell? Why do we feel guilty? This book has taught me that I should only feel afraid or guilty if I don’t sell as I am doing the world a disservice!

Louisa Herridge
Mamas Ignited

‘Jane rocks the boat"

Jane rocks the boat by allowing you self- permission to create a sales process that works for you and your clients even if that looks unlike anything others in your industry are doing.

If you’re someone who loves to work with action-takers it’s crucial to remove obstacles from the buying process and allow them to say YES to what you have to offer – this book will show you how to do it with a smile on your face!

Claire Sweet
Financial Adviser & Money Coach