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The Limitless Living Lounge

My free private community for business owners just like you, who are ready to not just sell 4, 5, 6 or even 7 figure offers with ease or love selling, but to do it all whilst unlocking their limitless life!

As a member you’ll get access to free trainings, challenges, hang out with yours truly and much more.

She Lives Limitlessly

The first book in the “She” series by Jane Baker

How to SUPERCHARGE your results by selling high end as a service based business owner or coach!

Available in EBook, Paperback & Hardback

Create, launch and sell
your first high ticket
offer in under 60 days!

Work at your own pace with over 15 modules taking you right through the A-Z of creating, launching and selling your first high ticket offer in under 60 days!!

Work with me privately to unlock your effortless high ticket sales!

Whether you’re looking to make your first high ticket sales, looking to supercharge your sales, scale to 6 or 7 figures, or just want to be able to make sales with more ease and in a way you love, I can help you! 


Check out what some of my clients have to say about working with me…

Read What Sarah Has To say

My results have literally sky rocketed since working with Jane. What has really made all the difference in my recent success is that Jane knows how to get the best out of me as genuinely cares and has gone ABOVE & BEYOND to ensure I get the results I desire.

Within the first month of working together, I successfully launched my first high ticket offer and she supported, encouraged, empowered and inspired me to create more profit in one month than I had in my whole time in business.

Having Jane in my corner is the best investment I have ever made in myself. SO grateful!

Sarah Stone

Founder Creative Feng Shui ®

Read What Katie Has To say

Working with Jane has been a total game changer for my life and business. 

She is absolutely brilliant when it comes to all things sales, marketing, packages, you name it! You will find yourself doing a lot of nodding throughout your conversations as everything she says not only makes an incredible amount of sense but it’s so simple!

You’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it before. She truly understands the important intertwining of life and business, that they must work together in order to find success.

Jane is incredibly insightful and knowledgeable, but also genuine and she’ll be your biggest cheerleader! I’ve never met anyone like her and if you know me you’ll most certainly have heard me talk about her before. 

Katie Kahvo

Life Coach For Moms

Read What Kezia Has To say

Working with Jane Baker is like a breath of fresh air.

No more cookie cutter approach, no more trying to squeeze your offering into a pre-designed box, just an opportunity to do business your way, with people that not only see your value but can appreciate the shift and change you can bring to their lives.

With each offering she helps you bring out to the world, she brings a new perspective, a wealth of varied experience that helps you to create the most magical, life changing experiences for each and every client you serve.

Kezia Luckett
Positive Phsycologist & Founder of The Energy Code ®


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