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Create, launch and sell
your first high ticket
offer in under 60 days!

For service based business owners,

coaches and experts!


Can you imagine how it would feel to close those 4 and 5 figure sales? With complete ease too, so easy it would feel as if you’re cheating? 

Imagine not having to chase down those lower ticket sales

Imagine making 5, 10, 20k or more with just ONE sale

Imagine being able to make those sales every single week or day even if you wanted to

Imagine being able to do it whilst only working minimal hours

Imagine being able to do it without having to sell in a way that wasn’t in alignment for you

Imagine not having to do big launch events

Imagine not having to worry about ads or funnels

What if I told you that all of that is completely possible with the right strategy and knowledge of high ticket, what if I told you that today you could start on your journey to selling 4 or 5 figure offers in your business with complete ease and consistency, would you be interested?

High Ticket Online

Helping you create, launch and sell your first high ticket offer in under 60 days!

What makes High Ticket Online different?

High Ticket Online isn’t about walking you through a cookie cutter strategy, it’s the first of it’s kind that not only teaches you how to sell high ticket consistently but how to do it in a way that is completely right for you and your potential clients whilst also unlocking the time freedom you desire

By the end of this course you’ll:

Have total clarity on your money making high ticket positioning

Have a message that attracts your perfect high ticket client

Have a high ticket offer that is irresistible to your ideal clients and sells like hot cakes

Know exactly how and where to show up in order to be seen by the right people who can afford to pay your prices

Have a marketing strategy that actually brings in qualified hot leads on repeat

Have a sales process that is perfectly aligned not just to you but to your ideal clients

Know exactly how to convert your leads into sales with the least amount of effort and without feeling “salesy”

Have a process and system that enables you to rinse and repeat the selling of your high ticket offer


I could tell you how much all of this is worth but you’re one of those people that usually roll your eyes at all of that so I’m not going to! (I know this because that’s me too!).

Are you ready to make high ticket sales with ease and in total alignment?

Normal price is $597 but for right now you can get $200 OFF! 

Want to know something really cool?

Just 1 sale of your new high ticket offer and you’ll have at a minimum already seen a 4x return on your investment!!

I mean as returns go that’s a pretty kick ass one right?!

Raving Notes

Check out what others have thought of the course!

Read What Raluca Has To say

I sold my first high ticket package just a few short weeks after starting this course, in fact I didn’t just sell 1 but I sold 9k worth in just the first few weeks. 


Golden Business Coach

Read What Jenny Has To Say

After working with her and reading her best-selling book, I re-branded my high end program and it sold within 5 days.

Within a year, I had earned over $20k in sales just from that program alone (not including all the other launches that took off in between thanks to her support).

Jenny Hale

Marketing Expert & Consultant

Meet Jane your new best friend (I mean we could be!) and the high ticket expert you definitely want in your pocket!


I sold my first 6 figure offer within just 3 months of opening my first business (I was 19!) and by the time I reached 21 I had built and grown a wildly successful worldwide business, I’ve been selling high ticket ever since and I’ve leveraged high ticket selling to blaze my own path in the online expert and coaching space.

Whilst everyone else preaches passive income, low ticket or online courses as being the key to a freedom life, I did the opposite and leveraged high ticket selling instead.

With high ticket selling I went from 0 to 40k cash in under 30 days and by the time I hit the 6 month mark I had done over 100k in cash sales, high ticket didn’t just unlock the cash it also unlocked the time freedom I desired.

In 2019 I took my family on no less than 9 family vacations and STILL increased income in my business by over 200%.

High ticket has enabled me to not just dream about a limitless life but to live it too, which is why I’m passionate and excited about helping you on this high ticket journey, because I believe everyone deserves not just to live but live a life that is in complete alignment with them and totally limitless!

So what do you say, are you ready to throw away the cookie cutter that everyone else says you have to do, are you ready to throw away the being chained to launches and funnels and sales pages and freebies (yuck!)? 

Let’s get you started on your journey to more sales, more time and a limitless life!

Is this for you?


This is the perfect course for you if:

You’re a service based business owner, coach or expert

You’re not feeling aligned with low ticket or you’re wanting to scale into high ticket

You’re happy to take action and implement what you learn on your own

Tired of being told that you have to do sales calls, have to do funnels or even have sales pages

You want to make sales so easy that it feels as if you’re cheating

You want to wake up in the mornings and not worry about where your next sale is coming from or whether you’re going to get in front of enough people that week to see the conversions in your low ticket offers

You don’t want to be messing with big launches or months of delivering webinars that barely anyone tunes in for

You’re ready to sell high ticket, make bank and unlock time freedom to live a limitless life

If you’ve made it this far then there’s a 99% chance you already know you want to do this but there may be that voice of doubt currently holding you back, but how long has that voice of doubt been holding you back so far?

How long will you continue to allow it to hold you back?

If you made just 1 high ticket sale every month for the next 6 months you could be looking at anywhere from 5 figures or even 6 figures in sales, imagine how much of a difference that would make to your business and life, remember that’s just 1 sale a month too?!

That voice of doubt is currently keeping you away from the money you absolutely deserve to have and enjoy, so are you done listening to it?

Got Questions?

Do you have payment plans available?

Yes there is payment plans available, you can find them in the pricing tables above. 

Does this work for product based businesses?

No this course is designed for service based businesses, coaches and experts. I do custom work privately with product based businesses so please get in touch to enquire about that.

Can I add one 2 one support to this?

No, this is a do it yourself online course only. For private options please visit here.

I don’t have a website does that matter?

No you don’t need a website or sales page or anything to do this course.

Will I have to use Facebook groups or ads?
Only if your ideal clients hang out there and only if it’s in total alignment for you. Not everyone hangs out or buys on Facebook so do you absolutely HAVE to? No.