“I can’t sell” 
“Selling is really hard”
“I feel like I have to convince everyone to buy”

Sound familiar? 

I used to be there, selling used to feel like pulling teeth and at the time I was only selling something that was less than $10! It was actually in my one and only job, in a call centre and during my whole time there (less than 8 weeks granted) I didn’t make ONE sale, not ONE! 

And yet here I am over 15 years later effortlessly selling high ticket, effortlessly making multiple 7 figures per year and I can hand on heart say I love selling even though what I do doesn’t look like selling to most people!

And that’s exactly why you’re here and why I can say you’re in the right place. You want to make sales you really do, but you don’t want to be doing them in the ways that feel icky to you, you don’t want to feel afraid of selling and you want to be able to wake up and KNOW without a shadow of a doubt you’re going to make sales, you want to make sales so effortless it doesn’t even feel like you’re selling. 

That’s why you’re here and you’re in the right place because I have been on that journey, I’ve been right where you are and I am now right where you desire to be….so you ready?! 

Do you need yet another strategy?

In short the answer to this is probably a big fat NO! 

See the funny thing about selling is everything is obsessed with finding the strategy or script that leads to it raining sales and making sales so easily it feels like a dream. But the answer doesn’t lie in a strategy or script for that matter. 

You could have 2 people, same audience, same business, same offerings, same strategy, same scripts  and yet one would make sales SO easily and the other would struggle to sell a damn thing. The difference?

It was right for the one and not the other, and no that’s not say the other one is doing something wrong, it’s just that they’re not doing what’s in true alignment for them….in other words they haven’t unlocked their own selling super power yet and spoiler alert that’s going to be different for every single one of us. 

So if you’re here for a strategy then it’s time to leave, if you’re here for a sales script it’s also time to leave. Because The Effortless Sales Collective isn’t about either of those things because the key to unlocking your effortless selling doesn’t actually lie in their of those things anyway! 

What would effortless selling look like for you?

  • Never doubting whether you’re going to be able to make a sale
  • Never worrying if you’re being pushy or salesy
  • Not feeling as if you have to chase and convince people to buy from you
  • Waking up knowing that you’re going to make sales and it’s going to be EASY
  • Feel as if people just throw money at you wanting to buy without you ever actually selling anything 
  • LOVE and embrace selling vs be fearful and hide from it 
  • Having a positive empowering relationship with selling 
  • Know exactly what works for you and not be worried that you’re missing something 

    Or it could be something different….whatever it is the key to unlocking it is right here! 



Sales So Easy It Feels like you're cheating!


The Effortless Sales Collective 

Helping you unlock your own effortless selling super power! 

The Effortless Sales Collective is a mix between mastermind, experience and monthly masterclasses, giving you the best of all words! Not only will you have access to everything you need to unlock your own effortless selling super power but you’ll also be surrounded by like minded individuals all on the same journey, mixed in with wealth experiences to get you fully stepping into the abundant, wealthy and effortless individual you dream and desire to be! 


By being a member of the collective you’ll:

♥ Get access to monthly masterclasses which are designed to help you unlock and step in to your effortless selling super power

♥ Be able to make ALL the sales you desire without feeling as if you’re being icky 

♥  Not only expect to make sales consistently but actually be making them effortlessly 

♥  Be able to effortlessly sell anything at any level without ever feeling as if you’re being “salesy” or even really selling 

Be surrounded by like minded individuals who will keep you accountable, motivate and inspire you!

♥  Scale and effortlessly step into your next sales level and celebrate reaching 6 figures with ease! 

♥  Never feel afraid of worried about selling or making a sale ever again 

♥  Know exactly how to attract the right people so those days of feeling as if you have to convince people to buy will be GONE 

The Effortless Sales Collective Membership Includes:

A 45 minute one 2 one welcome (this is not with Jane unless paying in full) 
Personalised Welcome Assessment & Pack
1 x Effortless Sales masterclass per month 
1 x Collective Mastermind call per month
Weekly Accountability 
Private Voxer Group 
Ticket to a 2 day Wealth Experience event every 6 months

Pay In Full Bonus, PIF either 6 or 12 months and you’ll also get:
Initial 60 minute one 2 one call with Jane Baker
1 x Private Voxer day with Jane once a month 
1 x Welcome Abundant Wealth Box 

Investment is $888 per month  

Pay in full 

6 months $5000 (saving $328)
12 months $10,000 (saving $656)

Are you ready to make high ticket sales with ease, in total alignment with yourself and unlock not just time but financial freedom to?


Check out what some of my past clients have to say …

Read What Sarah Has To say

When I met Jane I was selling t-shirts for £15. Two months ago I sold my first £10k package!! I came across Jane online years ago and began following her.

Her posts were always full of insights and advice that really had a profound effect on me. Many times her posts were the only things that encouraged me to dig deep and keep going. And this was before I worked with her.

Jane is simply an amazing coach. She cleverly works some ninja mind tricks on you….so you’re in the right mindset to start making some powerful shifts in your marketing and selling She is a smart, straight-talker who knows sales inside out. She’ll guide you on your journey but she does it in a way that leaves you feeling empowered, in control and on fire!

If you’re ready to up you game… hire Jane while she still has bandwidth to take on new clients. This woman is on a one way rocket ship to the top!

Anna Fairs

Step Into Success Strategist

Read What Katie Has To Say

Working with Jane has been a total game changer for my life and business. 

She is absolutely brilliant when it comes to all things sales, marketing, packages, you name it! You will find yourself doing a lot of nodding throughout your conversations as everything she says not only makes an incredible amount of sense but it’s so simple!

You’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it before. She truly understands the important intertwining of life and business, that they must work together in order to find success.

Jane is incredibly insightful and knowledgeable, but also genuine and she’ll be your biggest cheerleader! I’ve never met anyone like her and if you know me you’ll most certainly have heard me talk about her before. 

Katie Kahvo

Life Coach For Moms

Meet Jane unlike anyone you’ll have ever come across before!

 I actually can’t sell!! 

WHAT?! Jane you can’t say that, you’re on a sales page selling a mastermind and collective that helps people sell, how can you say you can’t sell?

Because I can’t sell how I used to see selling, I can’t sell how other people traditionally see selling. I CAN sell in my way but my way doesn’t look the right way to many others. 

Which is actually why you’re here right?!

Because you’ve tried selling how others say it should be done and it’s either not worked or has made you feel really icky or maybe has just resulted in you falling totally out of love with selling. 

Of course you might also be one of those people who’s afraid of selling. You name it though and I’ve been through it with selling. 

I break the mould with selling, in fact I break the mould with most things that I do, which is why I’m different to other coaches & strategist you may have come across before. My first experience with selling was in a call centre, I was 16 I had dropped out of high school without any qualifications and I walked straight into a call centre job, it lasted less than 8 weeks and I hated the whole thing. 

I failed to sell a single thing despite going through a ton of training, I would feel physically sick before some calls, I literally left there feeling as if I was the worst person in the world at sales and I actually said “I hate selling”. 

Which might lead you to think….what on earth are you doing here today? 


I did….which is proof that you can! 


After my miserable and dire experience with selling you’d be forgiven for thinking I’d now be a million miles away from it but instead here I am boldly and proudly claiming that I LOVE SELLING and I don’t just love it, I’m pretty kick ass at it…selling my way that is! 


I started my first business aged 19 and within a few months I sold my first 6 figure offer. From there my experience and love with sales has grown and grown. 


I went from a ridiculously shy person who felt as if she could never sell, who couldn’t sell, who hated selling to being the person I am today. The person who:


Made her first 7 figures by 21 (proudly walked away from that business in 2013 after I realised I’d been chasing someone else’s dream)
Started my coaching and strategy business in 2013 within 12 months I had made over 100k in cash sales
Now I make multiple 7 figures
Sell 5, 6 and 7 figure offers with ease
LOVES selling
Lives and breathes selling
Helps people just like you go from where they are now to effortlessly selling, loving sales and reaching their sales goals with ease
Multiple number 1 best selling author
Philanthropist with my own foundation 


And much more….I am living proof that anyone CAN sell and anyone can make money with ease, even if right now you feel a million miles away from that being your truth!





Is the effortless sales collective really for you?

You’re hovering over that sales button, you know you want to be making sales with ease, you know you want to be loving selling and making sales SO easy it feels as if you’re not even selling.

But you’re still wondering if this is really for you, right?

So let me help settle that discussion in your head.

This isn’t for you IF:

You don’t have anything ready to sell (if you’re needing help creating offers then head here)

You’re brand new to business, as above if you have nothing ready to sell this isn’t for you

You’ve lost count of the amount of courses, challenges or trainings you’ve been on trying to find the right strategy but none have really gotten you the results you desire

You’re wanting hands on one 2 one support (if that’s what you’re looking for head here)

You’re just going to sign up, sit back and then do nothing….this collective is ONLY for action takers!

But it is for you if:

– You know you’re missing something but you just don’t know what that is

– You’re ready to wake up everyday and have sales actually legit flow to you

– Ready to change your relationship with selling and go from hiding to embracing it IN THE RIGHT WAY

– Don’t want to be DM 21 million people a day or on 50 free calls a week

– You’re ready to dive in, show up and take the action

– Open minded in changing how you see and approach selling 

– Want to be making sales SO effortlessly it feels as if you’re not actually selling and in some ways even cheating! 

– You’re ready to be surrounded by like minded individuals who see YOU, get YOU and cheer YOU! 


Let's be honest here

Only you can click that buy button and sign up and only you can choose not to, and I’m sure as hell not here to try and convince you either way! I don’t roll like that.

You either want effortless sales or you don’t
You either want to be reaching the sales you desire and 100% deserve or you don’t
You either want to dive in and do this or you don’t

And no I’m not suggesting that the ONLY way you get that is to join the collective because that’s not true and I don’t want you to join from a place of fear, in fact the collective isn’t that type of vibe.

The Effortless Sales Collective has that powerful, making sales, positive, motivation type of vibe going on!

Ultimately only you can really know what it is that you want, whether I’m the right person for you and whether the Efforltess Sales Collective is a space you want to be in.

But what I can tell you is that it’s your RIGHT to make sales with ease, it’s your RIGHT to love selling, it’s your RIGHT to make all the money that you desire in the world and not only is it your RIGHT but the world NEEDS and WANTS you to do it too!

If you choose that The Efforltess Sales Collective is the place for you to do that then I and the collective members will be there to support you, to guide you and to cheer you on every step of the way, plus we’ll also be there to throw you the biggest celebration everytime you make a sale (which will be all the time OBVZ)


Check out some client wins….

Do you offer discovery calls?

Typically the answer to this is no, if you haven’t decided if I’m a fit for you yet then a discovery call isn’t for you. You’re either in or you’re not…harsh? maybe but it’s how I roll! After all I don’t want to waste your time or mine. 

That being said, if you’re sure you want to work with me but you’re not 100% sure on what is the best option for you then please do use the link below and apply for a call where we can chat through your options. 

Do you have payment plans available?

All payment options are available above! For the Effortless Sales Collective you can pay monthly or choose to pay for 6 or 12 months access!

Does this work for product based businesses?

Effortless Sales Collective is more about YOU and selling VS strategies. Some masterclasses are strategy based and the strategies as a whole may not be suitable for product based businesses. But if you’re a product based business and struggle with your own relationship with selling or feel that selling is hard, then this is suitable for you. 

Does this require me to message tons of people everyday?

Can I watch the replays or do I always have to attend live? We know that it’s not always possible to attend live so replays will always be available and you’ll still be able to be included and engage in the Voxer group outside of the calls and masterclasses, so you won’t miss out on anything!