“What do I put in it?”

“How long should it be?”

“Do I include this or not?”

“Is it too much?”

“Will they even want this”

Creating a package really doesn’t need to be that complicated and yet people spend months and months trying to put packages together and half the time it’s because they’re complicating it in their head, it can also be a case that they’re complicating it because if it’s a high end package they’re afraid there won’t be enough in there to make it valuable. In fact the whole “but is it worth it” is by far the most common thing that flies around peoples heads when they’re sitting there putting a package together.

So what’s the deal?

Is it really complicated?

No, I can usually put a package together from scratch in under 30 minutes and I’ll be selling it within the next 30 minutes!

So how do I go about it? What’s my process…well it’s a good job you asked because I thought I’d share it with you.

Be clear on who the package is for

Ok you’ve heard this a million times but it’s still the most important part of the package creation system and if you’re not clear about it and you don’t focus on who the package is for then the rest of this is going to be difficult. So get crystal clear on who this package is for?

who will you be selling it to?

Who is the person you’re going to be talking to?

What do you know about them?

What do they want?

Where do they want to be vs where they are right now?

Get as clear as possible as to who the package is for

What’s the purpose?

After who the package is for by far the next vital point is this one…what is the package for? in other words what’s the package going to do?

What’s the want that this package is going to help with?

It’s important you’re specific with the want and it has to be the want from their point of view not from yours, it’s not about what you think they want or what you think they need either this has to be from them.

What do they think they need?

What do they want?

How do they see it?

If you’re not creating a package based upon the want then people won’t buy it!

What do they need?

You’ve got the result, you’ve got the want that this package is going to help with so now the question is what do you need to give/do/show them to enable them to get the want. Think about it, what needs to be included?

What might you need to take them through?

What might you need to give them?

It can be worth starting at the end and reversing it backward…start at the end you know where the end result of this package is so what steps get them there?

Write it out…what do they need in the package?

How will you deliver it?

You know what they want, you have what they need in the package now the question is how will you deliver it all?

For example you might know you need to show them how to make healthy meals so maybe for that you’d give them recipes but then maybe there’ll be other parts of the package where you’ll need to deliver it over a call or maybe you’re a virtual assistant and so you need to give them 5 hours a week to deliver xyz need in the package.

Think about all the parts, the things you know you need to give them in the package how is it best delivered for them?

How can you enhance it?

Now comes the part where you can add some extras in, see usually this is where people start particularly with high end packages they’ve gone and included the 5 star meal and spa day before they’ve thought of anything else, but remember a package is only ever as valuable as the WANT/RESULT so you can throw as many spa packages as you like into your package but it won’t make it sell.

But once you’ve got the core package and the basics of everything and the focus is on the want then you can think about enhancing the experience, what 2–3 things could you include to enhance the experience for the people in this package. It might be something additional to what they need, it might be a spa day or some kind of experience.

What would you add to enhance the experience and to add to the overall package?


There we have it, put it all together and boom that’s your package all done and dusted and it’ll probably have taken you less than an hour! Now you can sell it…but remember the focus always has to be on the want after all it’s what makes the package valuable to your ideal clients and it’s what they’re going to buy!