Limitless 6

With Jane Baker

Supercharge your sales to six figures, sell high ticket effortlessly without ads or a calendar full of calls and unlock the freedom you desire!

For Service based business owners & Coaches

You know that high ticket selling is a really desirable option for you but you’re not sure where to begin.

Have I got that about right?

You know you’d love to be selling high ticket, not having to do a ton of sales calls (or any), not having tons of funnels with a massive ad spend, not having to have mass amounts of traffic to convert into the sales you desire.

But you’re feeling completely stuck on where to begin or maybe you’ve actually tried and found yourself struggling to make the sales. 

You may be wondering?

If you’re ready to sell high ticket?

Where would you even find people who are ready and willing to pay high ticket prices?

How would you put an offer together, and could you even do a high ticket offer?

How do you know what the right price is?

How would you get consistent sales?

Would there be more pressure and would you have to work longer/harder?

How would your life and business be different if you could:

  • Effortlessly close high ticket sales every day or week
  • Not feel as if you have to convince people that they need to buy from you
  • Make high ticket sales without having a calendar full of sales calls that take up way too much of your time
  • Have high ticket offers that really enable you to unlock the life you desire, time freedom and financial freedom
  • Be able to attract hot leads who cannot wait to pay you into your business daily
  • Have total clarity on how you make high ticket sales and convert them without being salesly, spammy or pushy
  • Sell without having a group you dislike or hours scrolling through other peoples groups (note if you like having your own group and your ideal clients hang out there then awesome but if not this ones for you!)
  • Be able to do all of this and not have to mess with funnels and ads

    You don’t need to imagine, this could all be possible for you! 


  • High Ticket Sales With Ease 50% 50%
  • Leveraging your time 50% 50%
  • Limitless living! 100% 100%


The Limitless 6

Helping you create and effortlessly sell your first or newest high ticket offer consistently without ads or a big audience!

Here’s how The Limitless 6 is different and why it’s perfect for you

There’s not a cookie cutter in sight, we’re not going to just plug in and play whatever has worked for someone else, we’re going to create exactly what’s going to work for you. It is customised to ensure you receive the exact support you desire in the right way, to ensure we achieve the results that totally deserve!

I’ll be taking you through my signature DISRUPT system, which will have you standing out, in alignment and making high ticket sales with ease. 


By the end of this program, you’ll have:

♥ Crafted a high ticket offer that is perfectly aligned to unlock the time freedom you desire whilst also being perfect for your ideal clients

♥ Nailed the positioning of your high ticket offer so that your ideal clients are queuing up to say YES.

♥  Discovered exactly how to put a valuable high ticket offer together and how to decide on the perfect price.

♥  A marketing strategy and lead generation system that enables you to be seen by the right people, in the right places and have them banging down your door wanting to work with you and/or your services.

A sales process which is perfectly aligned to you so that you absolutely love selling and perfectly aligned to how your ideal clients like to buy ensuring that you maximise your conversions

♥  A perfect addon that helps you increase your sales by at least 20% without having to find any new people to purchase

♥  The rinse and repeat system enabling you to see these high ticket sales consistently being made in your business, no feast or famine in sight!

♥  And you’ll have done it all without having to step into someone elses process, without having a calendar full of sales calls and without giving up your own time freedom that we know is extremely important to you. 

The Limitless 6 Includes:

A Limitless Living welcome box and prep packet
6 weeks of weekly 60 minute calls
4 months of 2 x 60 minute calls
Customised and individualised DISRUPT system report and packet
Private Trello board
All call recordings
6 months access into a private client community

Pay In Full Bonus:
Done for you copywriting for the full 6 month period!

Knockout Positioning

Consistent Sales

Love how you sell

Investment is $10,000 (USD) 

Payment plan 3 or 6 month

$3,333.33 or $1,666.67

Are you ready to make high ticket sales with ease, in total alignment with yourself and unlock not just time but financial freedom to?

We offer a full money back guarantee!

Which means there is literally no risk involved, if you haven’t sold a minimum of 2 high ticket offers within 6 months you receive a full money back refund of any monies paid.

Meet Jane unlike anyone you’ll have ever come across before!


Jane simple isn’t one of those typical online gurus or coaches, but that’s exactly why having her in your corner is the best investment you’ll ever make!

Jane throws away the cookie cutters and actually listens to you, she encourages, emopwers and helps strategise a way for you to grow and to reach the sales you desire whilst doing it all in a way you love.


Because Jane knows exactly what it’s like to try and fit someone elses mould, despite having started her first hugely successful business by the time she was 21, Jane found herself on a path that wasn’t meant for her.

A high school dropout at 16 most people would have happily written Jane off, I mean why wouldn’t they? 16, no qualifications, no plan, fired from the only job she ever actually worked in. The outlook didn’t exactly encourage much belief.

But despite this Jane knew she was destined for more, at 19 she started her first business on a complete whim, Jane woke up one morning and decided “hey I think I’m going to start a business” and so she did.

She rolled up her sleeves and got to work, there was no grand plan, she didn’t know anyone who had ever done this before but she was determined and so she did.

Within 6 months of starting the business Jane had closed several 6 figure deals and by the time she was 21 had grown a hugely successful worldwide business, but she hated it.

By 2013 Jane had enough, whilst having a hugely successful business should have ticked all the boxes it didn’t. Jane had no time freedom, she didn’t even enjoy what she did and so without a second thought she once again decided to do something that most people would class as crazy!

She walked away and decided to follow a passion that she had! So she launched her online business.

BLAZE YOUr own path, to where you desire to be!

Which leads us to where Jane is today!

Today Jane is a multiple best selling author, a keynote speaker, CEO of an international group of companies and a high ticket expert strategist & consultant for business owners just like you (she also works with celebrities, corporates and influencial individuals).

And this is why Jane is different, instead of following the trends online Jane has bucked them, she also continues to have hands on experience in a wide range of industries right across the world with her own empire of businesses. 

Jane has grown a successful online strategy and consulting business her way, reaching multiple 7 figures without all of the things that most of online world will tell you that you have to have. In fact she reached her first 100k cash in under 6 months of launching her business and she did it without websites, sales pages, funnels, ads or any of those things.

Working with Jane isn’t ever about being told you just have to copy what she’s done, that would be classed as her worst nightmare!

Working with Jane is an experience in finding out what you actually love, how you love to work, how you love to sell. You don’t just increase your sales but you do so in a way that you truly love, that aligns perfectly not just with the money you desire but the life you desire to live too.

Jane thinks and lives outside of the box, and that’s exactly why she’s the perfect person to have in your corner!

Are you ready to win in ways other people haven’t even thought possible yet? If YES then Jane is the one for you.



This might not be for you if…

Note, this is not for you if you want someone to do it all for you.

It’s also not for you if you require babysitting, I’ll be keeping you accountable and ensuring you take action but I’m not there to hold your hand every single minute of the day, after all you have to be able to do this yourself VS work with me forever!

But it is for you if:

– You’re ready to sell high ticket with ease and have a FULL bank account

– You’re ready to take action and get this done so you can supercharge those sales

– Not interested in following someone elses cookie cutter and want something that’s perfectly created and positioned for you

– Wanting that accountability and support to make this happen
– Not interested in serving thousands upon thousands and want to leverage a more high ticket approach
– Not highly technical and want to keep things as simple as possible 

– Don’t feel completely confident with sales, you may not even like selling that much but you’re open to changing your relationship with selling


What are you waiting for?

We both know you want to sell high ticket, we both know you want to supercharge your sales and just think with just 2 sales you could be at 10-20k months (depending on what level of high ticket you create right?!)

Imagine how much of a difference that would make to your business and your life, low sales but big returns, selling in a way that’s aligned to you and that you love YES love!

Imagine not having to convince people to buy from you and instead have them flocking to say yes.

Imagine having the time to live the life you desire VS being stuck on sales calls that aren’t bringing you the return you desire.

If you’re done imagining, now is your time to say YES to what it is that you desire and jump into the Limitless 6!

Do you offer discovery calls?

Typically the answer to this is no, if you haven’t decided if I’m a fit for you yet then a discovery call isn’t for you. You’re either in or you’re not…harsh? maybe but it’s how I roll! After all I don’t want to waste your time or mine. 

That being said, if you’re sure you want to work with me but you’re not 100% sure on what is the best option for you then please do use the link below and apply for a call where we can chat through your options. 

Do you have payment plans available?

Yes payment plans are available, you can split your payment over 3 or 6 months but you won’t receive access to the pay in full bonus. All payment plan options are in the link above. 

Does this work for product based businesses?

No unfortunately Limitless 6 isn’t open to product based businesses, if you’re a product based business interested in working with me then please use the button below to contact me where we can discuss your options. 

Will I have to use Facebook groups or ads?

No you won’t need to use paid ads of any kind. Regarding Facebook groups it really depends on your ideal clients and also what would be in alignment for you, they’re certainly not 100% necessary so it will depend on your individual circumstances as to whether you’ll need to use them. 

Does this require me to message tons of people everyday?

No, that’s not even a strategy just a spray and pray approach which we don’t do around here. We will create a marketing and lead generation strategy that is the best use of your time and generate you the biggest ROI. That won’t involve randomly messaging hundreds of people a day.